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Re: Looking for a sponsor in your world

I think you came to Danu a long time ago with Confuzzled and clan Crimson to try things out and I remember you being kind of arrogant. Idk. You just described 50 people that play now.. Ahem... That is the guy Guffy and Merlin, not all of my little partners in crime were arrogant. Marr, Skullz, Guff...

Re: I'm on a mission!

Donko, I said to get stuff back and then some. Darkflame Armor would be under and then some. Speaking of which, hang onto that armor for a bit. I promise I'll have an insanely stupid offer that you won't want to deny ;)

I'm on a mission!

To find everything I've lost and then some. I gave my bank to a friend in hopes he'd stay a hoarder forever and possibly sell me back the stuff when I came back. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, I can't say I blaim him but he sold it all. So I'm going to be busting my ass farming to get it all ba...

Account Sellers/Traders

I swear so many people try so hard to scam with this simple yet tricky tactic. They pull the old, "Oh I've been scammed before, accept THIS trade and I'll give you THIS account." Well for starters, put the key words together... Why would some guy make you trade his account something if he'...

Rhexx needs some tips!

Yes the title looks like something that should belong in General Discussion but I feel as if it would better fit in Lugh because I would like tips from the players of the same world. Some questions I have are: What mobs should my level 30s fight for the best exp they can get? If I ever need a transf...

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