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Re: I need help in game..

I got the chief back but I made another acc with the same name, so the original character got a number at the end.. Thus resulting in he cannot be chieftain because it might disrupt the clan.. How can it disrupt the clan though when I own every acc inside it?

Re: Best collector in CH?

There are too many collectors on Sulis that either quit or sre inactive. Every collector now is basically selling their stuff for gold for 200+ stuff whilst I'm here with every green piece of fashion/green charm that's existed except for 2. I am working on owning both darkflame sets in the next mont...

Quick little rant..

Like, if you're some noob on a server they see people who pay to get stuff and start talking trash such as "He doesn't earn what he's got, he buys it." I hate to say it, but I do earn every item I get even though I'm a plat buyer. I work at some minimum wage, awful job and put what little ...

I need help in game..

Having an issue, asked support several times to help, it's not like what I'm asking is something they cannot do. Anyways, tried pming Admin but he doesn't get pms apparently.. Would love some help.. Issue: I have an account in a clan I made, just a personal clan I used to put my low levels alts in. ...

Re: Where the noobies go?

Yeah but how many high levels on decked out alts want to group the players without lux or lixs? A majority of low levels are high level's alts.. They know what to do to get to a high level. They don't want to get slowed down. As a chieftain, I recruit levels 40+ because I dislike the ideas of a feed...

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