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CAUTION is buying..

-Spooky Green Hunter Top
-Spooky Green Hunter Pants
-Spooky Green Hunter Hat
-Sparkly Green Lanrik (all pieces)
-Radiant Green Wyldwood Boots
-Snowbound Green Frostguard Shirt
-Snowbound Green Frostguard Hat
-Black Frostguard Gloves
-White Frostguard Gloves
-White Frostguard Boots

Re: ioS from android

Do not join Sulis.. Prices are created by morons.. Rules are made by the top clan and no other.. Friendliness is rare.. You will not ever get warden because end game players like to farm on those bosses..

Re: How is this 'Scamming'?

Aha dude, don't listen to the talk about morals. You keeping the items rightfully given to you didn't "ruin his gameplay experience". If he was dumb enough to trade you items before making a deal, he ruined his own experience and learned a lesson. If he didn't learn a lesson, make other hi...

Re: Pets

Cannot even explain how many preteen boys hit on my druid.. If I could say what is said to my druid on a regular basis.. Guys might actually see why chicks see us as pigs.. And awwwh man, *** fights? That's not even entertaining. I think people just do that because the name is funny. Nah, I want to ...

Forewarning to all who expect excellence from update.

There will be tons of bugs in the beginning, they will drive you nuts, items will be very rare at first and high levels will pay a ton for them, if you expect the worse possible update then you will enjoy the update, if you expect a golden platter of goodies, you will not be happy with the update, y...

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