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Leveling help needed.

My alt rogue is level 88 and I have decent gear.
I have passed the point where the sewer lizards give good xp, and purple eyes are easy to kill but to a lot of damage to me. My question is: what should I level on?

Re: Is fast reflexes worth it?

At 87 probably not too much, you'll find the higher lvl you are the more damage your mobs hit for, dodging more attacks saves a lot of downtime/money later on. *edit* I personally level in the other world on the eyes, probably not as much XP as the wyrms in the sewers-- but faster spawn rates, less...

Is fast reflexes worth it?

At the moment my rogue alt is at 87. I have an axe and haste ring waiting for level 100, and I'm wondering what to do now. I currently have 25/20 riposte, 20/20 qs, 23/20 ss, 20/20 reflexes, and the rest in life steal. My question is: Should I use fast reflexes? I saw a post in another thread that i...

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