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Re: Favorite admin 2k15._.

It is pretty cool that Muldar is playing! It is a big difference from the level 400 Admins that would wander the castle now and then... But seriously every one of them has been great over the years, and I can't pick a favorite. Now if one of you wants to PM me the date of the double plat, I can tota...

Re: Guide for Mages

In the tower, with just one more person in your group, you can take the 4*s, the 3*s go quicker, and you get significantly mor XP per lix. I average 1/2 bar solo, and 1 bar in a group of 3

Re: Get Ready For Summer!

Everyone, what you have to understand is the volatile nature of the tectonic plates during this period in DalRita's history. Last year (dues to evil magic) the lands were pushed far to the north, causing winter to last until mid summer. This year the plates have shifted again, and we have been pushe...

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