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Re: Double plat?

OTM does not like income. They are a charity organization. And they all work on a volunteer basis. Even the servers are hosted by the Scotish government. It is a part of the movement to spread the word about the plight of common chickens in the highlands.

Re: Druid Dots Nerfed

Instead of fixing the bug why dont they just add a on hit tic to replace it? This would not fix DOTs that have one already, like frostbite. All DOTs for All classes are having this problem. @Aileron, OTM has said that it was a mistake, not a nerf. They have also said they are trying to fix the time...

Re: Mages the TRUTH

If you start with a Mage, you will learn how to level (look at the guides here) then if you switch to another one later, it will seem easy. And you will have learned how to calculate and balance builds properly, not just set auto and forget you were playing.

Re: Best for leveling?

If you have both mounts, and we can assume that is why you asked, sell one and buy proper gear. Keep the faster one.

Mage on a stick is a favorite barbecue dish for Mobs. Don't level with a mount.

Re: Limit on bounites

The bigger issue I have is that too many of the bounties are not where I level. I don't mind bounties with rare spawns if I lix there anyway, but if it's mobs that are lower level than me, or areas I don't level in anymore, farming mobs is a pain. The flip side was when I got one for mobs 5 levels a...

Re: When is the next double plat?

I know, let's make 252 more topics asking this question! I'm sure OTM knows that people are expecting one that would be the birthday one. I'm sure they see that there has been very low plat sales as those of us who are waiting on double plat hold out with iTunes cards ready. I'm also sure that all t...

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