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Re: Guide for Mages (in the making)

DontHate wrote:Im thinking about a low budget fire mage, for beginning lvls is the flaming fury(fire dmg wand) and a brand a good start?

I actually think that a stave of tempests is a better mainhand at low levels. Just level up your novelty ability, it's not like the wand ability is going to help you later...

Re: gameplay on ipod 4th gen

I can play on my old iPod 2nd gen with draw distance low, and only lag a little if I'm arround a group of people fighting. If I'm in the castle, and not many people are dueling, I'm fine. I don't prefer it, i use the phone most of the time, but for support it is not bad. You have to leave 30-60 seco...

Re: Lure of poison

Don't rogues have that skill already? Poison weapon
Is a buff, lures are anti buffs so they take down the mob's buffs.


This was fun in the castle tonight, I missed getting a shot when there were 2 more of them, due to the crowd.

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