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Re: Fire Bolt Damage Formula

Something wierd is happening with rings. I have been compiling data to feed you for other skills, and wrote down all the numbers for bolt as well with my current build and all gear removed. The formula works fine up to my highest skill level (30), but then falls apart when I put on rings. At 36, my ...

Re: The chessman

Piece of trash helm... I got arround to finnishing this at about level 100 just to get rid of quest. All i remember about the helm was that it was laughable compared to the effort that goes into the stupid quest. I either sold it to a vendor, or dropped it right away.

Re: fire vs ice mage

I remember Bobert saying he ran the numbers, using equal skill/ability builds. He put fire to a slight dps advantage in fights lasting over 3 or 4 min, but increasing there after. As a leveling build, ice is great if you have sigils. You spend less time casting, so you can stop for 1-2 ticks of rege...

Re: Castle noobs

I usualy try to explain that fergus will buy the junk, but when they get annoying about it, I've been known to throw a common chicken up. 10% will accept that trade... IDK if they think its for the chicken quest or what.

Re: Old Charms, New Engine

The flamebringers, specifically, have red tattoos on their arms, but none of the blue paint that is all over the current ones. So it is more than a graphics change. My charm basically looks like someone with blue skin, there's so much war paint. I just hope it stays that way. OTM is having to re-bui...

Old Charms, New Engine

I notice in videos from the android players that the flamebringers have a radically different appearance. I bought my flamebringer charm because I liked the looks of it, especially the blue war paint. So I got to thinking, will all of the mob charms change their looks to be like the mobs in the new ...

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