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Re: Oh my gawd

Just a note. Due to Apple's policy of not allowing apps to support older hardware than the current version of IOS does, if you don't get the engine out before iOS 8 is released, those of us on iPhone 4 will be out of the game until we are able to get hardware upgrades. The fact that we can download ...

Re: Which wep?

The only plus to having the 1 mill staff, vs the 80% is that when you are lower lvl, it boosts evasions. Which is useful on your way to bosses. Clearly a high camo would be even better, but the evasions are very nice.

Re: Fire vs Ice: Detailed DPS Analysis

For folks who are not endgame, I think it is important to remember that this is with all things being equal. That is a more straightforward thing at endgame levels. If you are lvl100, or 120 or whatever, and you have better ice gear, it would be a good idea to calculate your own DPS, with the ice/fi...

Re: Mord Mage Braces

Ummm, admin? We need someone to mop up all the drool that every mage on the forum just slobbered on this thread...
That brace is crazy, talk about being unstopable in pvp too!

Re: Fire Bolt Damage Formula

Sorry... I did not mean to aim that at your formula :/ But there was better accuracy with the high level example you used. I would assume that the percent difference would increase as levels went up if the formula itself was off. That is why I wondered about the rings having some hidden stats. In ad...

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