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Event historians

Hey CH history buffs, I have a sahmain question for you. My first day in CH, there was a sahmain event going. There were (if i remember right) a group of pumpkin headed mobs in front of the castle. And in that week i got a pumpkin hat. I still have that hat, and it goes in the fashion slot. I did no...

Re: Oh my gawd

MrWiskers, I am aware that it currently does support all devices. I believe that if OTM had their way it would continue to. However, apple does not let you do backward compatibility beyond what the os does at the time of release. Thus my iPod 2nd gen can play right now. I sometimes dual log with my ...

Radiant Nature's Masks

What is the actual rarity of these? I have gotten 10 green natures masks, and no radiant green yet. That is 720 natures spirits past my first green... I could have gone for other colors, but i just reaaaaaly want a radiant green, lol

Re: Just curious

The whole thing gets more complicated when you consider real economic issues in game. When Rhianon (sp?) had glitched gold, and inflation happened that was a real concern for OTM. While the short term demand for plat goods may have increased, the situation could have raised the gold price of items. ...

Re: Just curious

Even before nativex, all users that bought plat items with in game gold or by trading for them, are/were contributing to the financial success of the game. When you create demand for the plat items, you encourage those who wish to spend irl money to do so. So the player that farms for 2 weeks to buy...

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