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Re: Formal world transfer system: pros, cons, and thoughts

Transferring a character would lead to some big issues one the technical end. For example, I have a Garat on each of the iOS worlds, and one android world. If my main decided to visit Epona, there would then be 2 Garat's on that world. I'm sure that would be true for some common names as well (ganda...

Re: Bad Chests This Summer Event?

^^^... What Cury said! Samhain had the random 4th slot, and people complained. IMO that slot was the most fun one. It only popped up once in a while, and yes sometimes it was just shop fashion, but other old event items could drop too! That was a lot of fun to try for, and I wish there were not so m...

Re: Limited Time Giveaway!

While I don't find the pot that enticing, and threw it into the bank to collect dust, i do agree that OTM did not have to give us anything. However... The log in type of rewards are something OTM should realy think hard about. I played hobbit kom for a year, and they had a great system. Each month y...

Re: Non-plat buying

Whether or not you buy plat, you are still supporting OTM. Take for example the person who doesn't buy plat, but uses in game gold to buy plat items from another person. The plat seller had to buy the items from the plat store, which supports OTM. The person who buys the plat items secondhand is cr...

Re: Event historians

Bitey, are you sure that is complete? If so, i take back my crown for slow leveling. And my pumpkin is def not in the armor slot. Anyone from OTM want to weigh in on this very important issue? Lol

Re: Cool Name?

+1 to book names. Mine started with wanting to be Bellgarath a sorcerer from the Belgariad series. As it was taken i tried variations. I was a bit surprised when I got to Shalemont lol now everyone thinks its just misspelled reference to capt. Garet

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