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Re: Muldar - Give Us Hope

Aye! That's the one! Muldar solo through that without help, lix, or excessive Lux like a noob who is just checking out CH for the first time. Then go take out your frustration on someone who can change it! Edit: I'm not saying this because it is frustrating (my main takes out the loredances for my a...

Re: Muldar - Give Us Hope

If he is 37, he is about to hit one of the points where new players quit. There are some very difficult levels where there are few mobs to level on efficiently if you are not an alt that was geared by your main. I forget now exactly, but they are in the 40s and 50s. Lots of people breeze through to ...

Re: Opening chests worth it?

I agree about managing expectations. It is one way to get tons of lixes idols and pots. Sell or trade the ones you don't need, and try not to buy them at the highest price. When you get a charm, or a little plat, or gold enjoy it as a bonus. If you get a mount consider yourself extremely lucky. Do n...

Online Ranking

As you know there have been problems accessing online rankings directly. However, if you are like me, and never closed the tab in Safari, you still have access and the info is still updated. I tried going to without the character/world info, and it does not allow entry. If you guys put ...

Re: Chicken Army WINS!!!!

Sadly, we have lost one of our finest leaders in the battle. Colonel Sanders was a fine specimen of a black dumpy. He was found in the vicious jaws of Muldar's white rabbit. The rabbit was also dead, scalded by the hot coffee in the mug Muldar kept him in.

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