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Re: fire mage gear *exspensive*

Natures Touch wrote:
Criminal wrote:lvl 100, wont be lvling any further.... why? even if u were to switch to tank build (as a warrior) or full support druid i would suggest to lvl, so as a mage why not to?

i meant to say level 120

fire mage gear *exspensive*

i just leveled a level 100 firemage, wont be leveling it any further,

i would like to know what gear to use, and what rings, braclets and ammy, and misc item that could help me create a costly mage i got all the required skills (i have royal attune, and grand so i have room for 2 more rings

Re: supeier spell sword

i actually put up a petition about this.admin should fix this sword by removing the strength requirement, BoE, and maybe give it wand ability (?) only so that mages can hit the enemies. Further, it should be made 1 handed. if these things are done than the superior spellsword would be pretty good f...

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