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Re: double xp/gold

LastCall wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:

The last dbl exp weekend was a hazard. Ppl got to higher levels in no time. Someone from 100 could/(probably)has gotten to 150 in JUST that weekend.

Some guy got 1-151 that weekend.

+1 my god lol

Re: To those who care

What are you even talking about ace lol he hasn't answer me in a while but then one of his buddies out of celtic heroes played a trick it's non of your concern

Old forum account

Hi I forgot the email on my old forum account I know the email password but would like the email I used to create it

Username of forum account: C0ldSeerTranscendent

Again this is my account you can check the IP address I used to create this account

Re: fire mage gear *exspensive*

Armo wrote:Level 120 mage is pretty useless IMO. Try 180 before you decide to stop leveling.

We'll ill obviously be levelling a lot more later on, but I indicated I'll not be levelling further at this time. Just give a suggestion for a level 120, since one has already given me one and it's working good

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