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No forum games? :( ill start one!:D

I haven't seen any forum games here. I love those! Are they not allowed here? Or is this the wrong section? If so please tell me otherwise play along! :lol: This game is called kill or save. You don't have to say anything graphic. I have a lot of fun with this game as posts get crazier and crazier! ...

Re: How much do you think stave of bolts is worth?

Rebirth wrote:
Robert wrote:4 gold and a chicken (Common).

2k max.
A couple days after the patch was released I bought one for 7k, thinking that it was rare. :x Biggest rip I've ever done

:roll: thanks, Robert. Haha thanks! I didn't want to shout selling stave of bolt for 5k and have some guy make me sell it for 200.

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