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Re: @@@ Chat Glitch ?

here's a trick to spot the noob without shouting at them
if hes continually spammin then block one person at a time in castle and if the spam stop then you found the spammer
to even srink the suspect circle just look at their level, most of the times a low level does this type of things

Re: Someone do this below

Lol like i said, DO NOT TAKE THIS GUIDE TO HEART! And I ment to erase the max dbl Then dont make a guide if people might listen to you.... Also your "guides" are crap ... You are a lvl 60 ish (to me) that thinks hes endgame i thought his name is already enough to tell whats his mental sta...

Re: which quiv.-.

Curry30423 wrote:
Hawkye wrote:fiery quiver

Arjuns post in simple words:P curry like simple e.e

cury is tasty, i put it on my steaks, soup, stew. its spicy but not hot enough to screw your taste glands as chilly pepper does ;)
fiery quiver is heat damage quiver ( fiery-fire)

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