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Re: Ranger class

i use some of them. when i chose ranger class ive seen the pros and cons
did you?
just quit ranger n play somethin else you whiner

Re: Rapid shot

Zyz wrote:How many points would it take for it to stay active til the cool down was almost complete?

takes about 40 ish to reach half. do the math

Re: Ranger class

alb wrote:Like damn it's not like we're asking to top dps pvp superstar solo Mordris MVP, we just want our skills to be WORTH USING.

they are worth using
dont wanna use them? feel free to choose from 4 other classes

Re: Awful skills.

Zyz wrote:Am I the only one that likes to stand toe to toe and hit em in the face? Bring on the aoe... Real men like blood in their face XD

if everyone would have had same mind as mine this game wouldve run on air because im very strict on how much i spend both in gold, elixirs and potions etc

Re: Awful skills.

i say the rangers are the most balanced class ;) want dps? go rogue and die by aoe and all other attacks want OP hits? go mage and die by aoe and all other attacks want armor??go warrior. get hit in the face by all attacks while you slowly die want healing power? go druid and die in a split second c...

Re: Someone do this below

I can't personally say I would like the build or not. I was only saying that most of those who have tried the spear build have liked it and had success with it. I'm more than anything a fan of experimenting and trying new things... Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't. Currently I'm spe...

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