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Re: So Bad

Because im mostly lvling, and i use combos so instant 50% faster firing speed, so dont need for rapid then whats the point of double shot? your combo will do faster damage when double-shot takes like longer to cast and by the time youre done casting doubleshot your combo will do 3'strikes if you tr...

Re: So Bad

and since you have bad auto why are you using the doubleshot ? it's not really helpful. you could use rapid shot instead of it

Re: So Bad

I got a bad auto, i wish to have like 1200 auto and still 5k dmge with longshot and 2,5k with sharpshot and good lightheal, idc that much about defense tough point of telling where you could get the defence instead of dexterity alone is so you can distribute some from dex to your str, which adds mo...

Re: So Bad

want that much defence without puttin that much into dexterity? get spark brooch misc and defence arachnus ring. boom 450 defence right there want more auto damage? aim for pierce bracelets okay now beside what i just said. you need help for what? what do you think youre missing? or maybe something ...

Re: Ranger class

Armo wrote:
Hawkye wrote:napol... thats all just gibberish what you just wrote is it not?...
i didnt take the time to read not even one sentence

Don't post if you're going to post rubbish like this when argued against.

its my opinion, its not rubish
do you see me calling yours rubish?
"do as you would be done by"

Re: GWYIDON to sulis

friddoo wrote:Transfering 200k gold and whatever u wanna transfer in lux, I RECIEVE FIRST unless you are a high Lvl in respectable clan im 190 in Gwyidon can't wait

what if he or she is high lv with respect but not in clan

Re: Ranger class

Arjunlite wrote:
Hawkye wrote:on short it just doesnt worth using items on so small reward, like clown said, call backup

Could you write in english next time?

obvs troll is obvs

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