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Re: Post your stats/gear here.

Lvl 186 majestic bathide charm (Ik it sucks) comrak blade leaf neck, ice crystal noble ring, majestic sunfire ring, comrak stonebark ring, bladeleaf ring, Aggy axe vit brace, Aggy frenzy vit brace, bastion shield, void vit Spear, and full dl

Re: Thanks for the Good Times

Alphachicken wrote:
KSGRSulius wrote:
Xduzy wrote:I get great grades and tend to play more during the college semester :p

We all know you go for the financial aide... :lol:

Lmfao I just realized this post.

I have been playing but barely post lol.

Re: Thanks for the Good Times

Archerguy that seems like a catfish lol because like a long time ago some people were also accusing kaat of being fake due to one of her pictures she had green eyes and another she had blue. So it being a catfish could be likely

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