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Going Dps tips

Hey guys, I'm a lvl 202 warrior that is currently a hybrid. I want to increase my dmg to kill mobs faster and get a good lix. Here's my stats Str 505 (1115) Dex 5 (255) Focus 10 Vit 515 (905) Attack 3325 Def 2960 Dmg 2225 Armor 653 Health: 10206 Energy: 1539 My gear is: Full dl with shadowscale Helm...

Re: Eponas new roll rules

If it's not important why such drama over it then? Did have a speech, then thought why bother? I don't care if people like me in a game. I don't care if I don't get drops. I definitely don't care if people in other clans kill bosses without calling or waiting for me. Why would I care none of this i...

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