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Re: To Rise members plz look

wouldn't you post this in clan message? members are more likely to see there... :? Nothing wrong with him using the forum as a place to post such a message. It is likely that someone in his clan would see it, and spread the word in-game. He might not even be able to edit the clan message. ya im onl...

Re: arena hatred

Chillrend wrote:A true nord never backs down. Fight to the bitter end. Kill all in your path, you will lead yourself to glory, and honour!

no offense but do u rly have to say all dat stuff like u was awarded and stuf like dat in all ur posts??? :|

Re: arena hatred

i kinda agree wit u all cause i understand if its war in arena then you should kill but if theres a bystander who jst came to do the arena quest then ppl shouldnt kill him or reset his glad... he mite hav waited a while for it to spawn...ik how it feels ;)

To Rise members plz look

sry too all rise members but sadly I(Lightchamp) wont be on during the weekdays :( but do not worry because i will still be come on weekends :mrgreen: Also to SIF: plz dont think this as a scam if i dont return your money quick because im trying my best but since i wont be on much on weekdays it wil...

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