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Re: Energy Costs and Amulets

I suppose the beta testers have confirmed that this is alright. But I do see your point: maybe "20 points per tick" being proportionate to something else (e.g. your vitality or level) so higher levels can get more energy / health regenerated with the same amulet. To be honest, 400k for a r...

Re: Forced To Leave Groups

I agree that there should be a kick system, as it does get irritating to regroup. I believe that kicking people from the group is fine, but it's the way that it's done that changes whether it's rude or not: - If a player needs the kill over another player, I think it's fine. - If a player is not eve...

Re: Dragob Discs after Update

You kind of just took the definition of hard and applied it towards falgren. Dragon discs are hard to obtain . I didn't state the reasoning why. It shouldn't be something that auto spawns every hour. When games get too easy they get dull and boring. However, they just as easily become dull and bori...

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