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Re: Pre-Release Discussion

Thread Locked The game has now been released so I'm locking this thread. To discuss the castle: https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=100652 To give more feedback on this update: https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=6 Just ensure you don't post duplicate topics ...

Re: Hey, I'm new to donn and i'm happy to call it my second home.

This is not the first time one of us has had to warn you all about throwing insults. Please post in a friendly and constructive manner. You all are entitled to your opinions, and you're free to voice them, but do so in a non-insulting way.

This thread will be locked if these continue.

Thanks :)

Re: Forgot password

Hello I played on ios for a long time. My characters name is yayo I'm a rogue. I've also have a warrior on that account xxxxxxx. My world is sulis. I can't remember the username or password. I think I might remember username. Please help me. Hello, Please contact support@onethumbmobile.com In your ...

Re: Lost Account

Hey guys . Hope you all are fine and doing great. So m replying to my thread here agian to let yall know that we got our account back tab got fixed and got the id and username with password also registered. Gonna mail support abt the id again to let them know. Thread is closed thank you all for you...

Re: Locked sooooo quick

I'd also like to add that re-posting locked threads is also against the forum rules. Do not post about locked or deleted threads, or other moderator actions. The actions of the moderators are final. So we were pretty lenient to let this one continue for so long! Please prove us wrong by engaging in ...

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