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Re: Celtic Heroes Events

yea wrote:Is there a Spring Event? Or is it just summer/winter only?

There have been Spring events in the past, sometimes tied in with a birthday celebration, and usually released around April. I don't know whether or not that will be the case again this year though.

Re: Is sharing accs allowed ?

No, account sharing is not allowed. It's partly a security issue, partly because it's not fair and/or confusing for other players, and partly because it has the potential for huge headaches for Support - as well as other reasons us players may not know about or consider. Security reason: Account sha...

Re: New item drop locations

Specifically the magic lure one unless they added one in the time I took a break from the game, there isn't one. If you want a magic lure ring you gotta get an aggy one or from frozen bosses. There aren't any new rings that give skill points to lure of magic, but I believe ImStoned is talking about...

Re: Permanent xp increase to help attract new players?

I think that rebalancing the xp curve again (yes, it used to be even worse) would be a really good idea - especially for the 130-220 part, which is suuuper tedious. Creating new consumables that further increase experience gains could also work...but I think it would be a little too much. I agree th...

Re: Cattacomb Charm Fashion

I think it's safe to say that 95% of players would rather see new content than old content come back - regardless of whether it's the exact same item with a new name or old content that got reskinned. I still hold out hope that VR will eventually be able to do that once Warhammer: Odyssey is less of...

Re: Cattacomb Charm Fashion

Lux items are a stretch since instead of removing them and being like "Never again will you experience the benefit of a heroic ammy" they replaced them with same stat items except different level requirement. That's fair, and something I considered as I was typing it. Still, it's the rari...

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