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Re: Light Heal

CyberDragon wrote:Otm i was thinking long and hard. I love sharpen weps. But i notice that three classes have something that protects thems. Like warrior protective stance,shield wall
Mage energy shield druid sheil of bark. Why not give rangers and rogues something that helps them

Rangers have bolas :)

Re: Double Attack

Pixxie wrote:They have added double shot now for rangers to use, same idea for the skill except you can cast it at range.

Is this called double strike as well? Or is it something differant.

Re: Deadroot/ironspike

Voldemort wrote:I'll give you a clue - Deadroot has gone for a stroll, smuggled away beneath the ground.

Ironspike has had to leave because he's been feeling a bit scaly recently.

Oh no, I hope Deadroot finds his way out, and Ironspike get better...

Thanks ;)

Re: I stand Corrected

the Hawkhurst chest quest is really dumb I mean 4k for a ridiculous lock pick with a single use and even finding the chest is hard enough! Well yeah...they wouldn't let you get fashion for free. I DO admit that it is a little annoying to waste several hours looking for chest and ending up with only...

Re: Current State of Rangers

i honestly think they are still a very powerful class when u can solo bosses and all sorts of other mobs on your own Soloing bosses? Yes, if a ranger has full bolas they can solo small bosses, only problem is, it takes a looong time because u have to keep bolasing every 20 seconds, and if bolas mis...

Re: I told you so!

I'm not saying mages are op Other classes are underpowered. Check what mages have Cloak (last 2 mins) E sheild amazing for surviving 2 massive nuke spells which can deal over 6k each and 1 is only 35/35! 2 dot spell (one which does initial damage) lets compare to rend shall we? Does twice as much i...

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