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Re: Exp/gold event this weekend

Yeah but my proposal still stands ._. Double exp plz (as in actually double the exp, not that group bonus crap). Group bonus is such a stupid system which has ruined leveling. Making an event on it is even worse ,_, Rather than group bonus (just in general, not related to this event), do you think ...

Re: Exp/gold event this weekend

Just to clarify: it’s not double xp, it’s double the group bonus for gold and xp: https://i.postimg.cc/V67R8P0f/6-DEB877-F-0083-40-FB-826-A-A44-DCFC014-F5.jpg And to expand on Mind's image, "Per Player" is the percentage of exp from the normal killing of a mob without a group. For example...


We should have the devs limit to all competing clan servers and dom servers to one drop per boss until they change their "evil" ways yep yep Maybe they can set a cooldown on the dice roll to like 45 minutes to discourage dice scamming as well! And limit players to one trade per hour, so h...

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