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Re: Virtual Reality

It’s a neat idea, though I don’t think it would work out. There’s a reason OrbusVr is pretty much the only MMO available on VR...though I found a neat one called A Township Tale that seems pretty interesting too. It may be possible, of course, though it would probably mean at the very least a new se...

Re: scs vs cs

Or, ya know, just look at the chat when they add the item...or at least inspect the item before agreeing to the trade (that’s why it asks you to confirm that you know what you are trading). Yes, I realize most people skip over that (same as with privacy policies and terms of service) but it still me...

Re: First Godly Endurance Helm

Gratz on the hard earned and well deserved helm. It looks even sexier in person. So do all the servers share a drop rate? So the 200 kills on one server affect the drops on the server with 50? If so, that’s a really bad idea lol. Drop rate is the chance of a certain item dropping after a kill, and ...

Re: First Godly Endurance Helm

Congratulations guys. Luckiest Tank whoever gets it!! Are drop rates same for all servers or different ? Just a question to the Devs. I’m not a Dev, but I recall Schwing mentioning that they can’t change individual servers drop rates without changing the drop rates for all servers due to how it was...

Re: A Rock, A Spirit, And A Soul.

I'm fairly sure the Mathanac questline involves Crookback Hollow King Grotspew is the king of Crookback. If you travel to the bottom leystone in the hollow, exit to the left, and follow that all the way down, he should be at the end. You may need to kill his placeholder a couple times to make him sp...

Re: Top clan and Server

Another thing to keep in mind is that locking a boss does not necessarily mean that clan is better. Like Hero said, Ret and Tox can both kill endgame bosses (excluding dino of course). Even before the merge, Jah could kill endgame bosses as well. At the majority of lock fights (not all) there are en...

Re: PvP Alt Thread

There aren't many duelers these days I noticed, but I was wondering what some peoples pvp alts looked like. Here are my twin warriors(no food, no lix, no outside support) Sorry im a noob, but why VIT if youre a PVP player and not STR. VIT for tanking and STR for killing. I play a lot of mmorpg, and...

Re: Net Worth Count 2019(Furyion)

Zyz wrote:
Romeo wrote:Dude u got over a billion gold in items, that's crazy insane :lol: u show off a lot with it but why not man that's something to be proud of.

What's your goal in the game?

To control the economy and constantly remind people of his virtual wealth.

What more could you want in life :lol:

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