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Re: mage event lux

Also, the ammy grants a skill which makes you impossible to interrupt for its duration. This means you can use it too ensure you get a kill in the arena or land that second energy shield without a worry.

Re: PvP Mages are OP

BizBro wrote:Im a mage and noticing this myself. All you have to do for a PVP build for mage is max out Energy shield and fire att, firestorm, etc... Who agrees with me ? If you don't state your reason. Im curious :| :roll:
No. Just leave,go.


Chieftain Ice boggan charm - no set price
Guildmaster's gloves and head piece -80k.

Divine broom of winter
Mage focus brace
Paying very well.

If you are interested in any, private message me here or mail me in game AirPulse.

Selling / buying...

-Sultan's red carpet-250k
-Sultan's blue carpet-250k
-Sultan's black carpet-250k
-Sultan's green carpet-250k
-Blue coven hats x2 -no set price.
-Crown of the sorcerer(90 focus)-150k

-Fire quiver, 100 or 150 req.

Re: Freeze changes

Requiring heat damage to break shield, or absorbing damage is not a good idea. Maybe make it that frozen target cannot move, even if freeze is broken. So, it would go from shield bash to grasping roots if hit during spell. Heat damage comes from rogues and rangers dl anyways, for locking and high e...

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