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Re: Snor and Sreng Locker

:( forgive me Fine :-| but I can’t keep giving you these chances when all you do is turn around and break my heart :cry: @op Go dex with 3200 health, max: ss, qs, pw, sneaky, lifesteal. Use daggers unless you got an op dex spear or a poison spear. That’s about it Howd u come up with the number 3200


Now that corrupted gardens is out and we got these awesome new shop items and raid gear, ok now think of the times you used the item database to find stats on gear you were considering getting

Re: Flo’s timer app

Just wanted to stop by to update this. Some idiot has been DDoSing it. I helped Rocu get it stabilized. Aforemention idiot is angry and will likely continue to DDoS the server. We have code in place to ban ip's if they go over a specific threshold. Should be stable now. If any legit folks get banne...

Re: Dead Arena of Arawn

1. Killain is no longer worth the wait for majority of endgame players. So that takes out a lot of ppl. 2. Introduction of bounties. Kinda same as first point, back then lots would be in arena at daily reset for gladiator quest and so people being killed was more common because there was actually pe...

Re: How many of you do Bounties?

So basically because of the current level lock system, higher level players are forced to not participate in a part or the game that could benefit them because it would hinder their ability to lock bosses. So the more you want to enjoy the game....the less you can. Doesn’t seem logical. While somew...

Re: How many of you do Bounties?

I do them on my alt ranger, im poor and dont wanna spend gold on pet and mount tokens so on my alt im lvling it strictly from bounties, hopefully ill have a lvl 5 mount and pet by next year. Side note on my main ive ran through the hall otw to sren/troll as well as going to mordy pit for bounties. T...

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