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Re: The unspoken rule

Xanadu wrote:You know they're Taadah giving updates, not general comments, right?

Yes I do. But throughout the years otm doesnt put comments in the annoucement section. Muldar did it once when he was new and removed his comment as soon as he realized lol

Re: Huntsman ring

He said ‘’no’’ to my mail on SlyNub :( Bob plz tell him that huntsman isn’t op for a lvl 97 mage ._. I’m saving it for the OP SlyShadows not a scrub mage. :lol: Sly and I traded roles on gwyd ;) But I am making my main mage right now tho so :3 But slyyyy come to ussss with your op tanknesssss Arawn...

Re: Volunteer Moderators

I got 1 nomination, makes me happy to be acknowledged :p Im going to suggest 3 I see on forums a lot, are active and imo impartial. Armo, Bitey and Curry are my top picks actually. But since Ive noticed the decrease in Bitey's activity Im going to suggest Toothpick and Ventius, whom Ive recently me...

Re: Volunteer Moderators

I believed pigman and vold watched different servers so when there was something big happening on one mods server the other mod took care of it. That way mods didnt use their power to protect their clan and stuff That’s a cool idea, but a big part of moderating forums is staying impartial. If we ca...

Re: Volunteer Moderators

I nominate sly shadows :P Mods need to be people capable of reading whole threads before actually deciding what to act on. Bitey, fury, and Armo are good picks but a lot of the other names prob not. Also -1 heavily to server reps. We have all seen that it’s the chiefs of clans who usually end up st...

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