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Re: Price check

Arawn prices Hero hps and energy: 500g-1k Hero def, attack, wisdoms:500g-1k Hero travel: 1k Super xps: 3-4k Restores: 200g Idols: 25-50g Hero haste: 3k Combos: 8-10k Hp sigils: 7-10k (8k average) E sigils: 5-10k (6k average) Chest: 30-35k Pet tokens: 25-35k (30k average) Mount tokens 40k Drag eggs 1...

Re: Next Boss

Just adding my own idea to the mix: Crom World Boss where it isn't locked to one party but grants rewards based on participation/damage? That would mean that more people could participate and force clans to work together! In a bunch of servers, the 2nd best clan doesnt even come close to the top cl...

Re: Transfering to gwyd

I see. Okay so it isn’t a transfer ..I thought maybe this was a sanctioned...ignored by OTM .....by player base account swap. This is a restart. Thank you for taking the time to set me straight. This is what is called a transfer. Its not sanctioned by otm but is allowed. What you were reffering to ...

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