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Re: Server Downtime - 10:30 AM BST - Launch of Cross Platform

Hey Heroes, Still waiting on some form of update (Lots of migration and database changes etc) Team will be staying in the office after hours so we will let you know when we are coming back online as it happens. Thanks for your patience. What?! Otm isn't doing something on the time frame they give? ...

Re: native web apps

You can do something like that if you wanted to by checking if the user is viewing the page in safari and if they are do nothing, but if they arn't redirect them to the page you want to show them when they have the app added to there home screen.

buying and selling

I'm thinking of writing a website that lets people post items that they are selling or buying and a price i'm just wondering is there anything like this yet, and do you think it would be worth my time to write?

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