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Re: Against the dominance

PrinceLelouch wrote:How to beat a DOM clan?

1. You must be a Chieftain Youtuber.

2. You must be a Whale.

3. Invite Admin to your clan.

If you can't do all 3 choices, just go to server Epona. :lol:

This is just a joke.

Geez. I haven’t seen Admin (lvl 1000 on Ros) in years. lol

Good times.

Re: Response to griefing

I mean honestly, calm is %100 a skill used to peel a boss off a tank. No it’s not. As a mage, I gain aggro like crazy often pulling it from the tank. When a Druid calms me, it causes the mob to move to the tank and keeps me alive and dishing out damage. It is not “%100 a skill used to peel a boss o...

Re: The call for help

Hail, Heroes! I have come to you in these trying times, hopeful that I am worthy of your aid. An old foe is on the brink of an evolution, an aggregate of power. This foe’s devout supporters are searching for ways to increase their influence through the lands of Dal Riata. While amassing the wealth ...

Re: Let's be realistic

Ah yes, the perennial game is dying tomorrow post that becomes a zkills member measuring contest. To the OP, if you want to restart, restart. Play how you want to play. If the game disappears tomorrow or not for a decade, who cares? Have fun while it’s here. And if you’re interested in Rosmerta, tos...

Re: The call for help

Stephone wrote:and what are the prizes or whatever it is

If you care about the prizes, you’re wasting your time. If you would like to engage in a witty and fun player-created event for a few laughs to break up the typical game experience, keep an eye out for him.

Re: BT drops for fire mages

NOOO!!!!! rip the dream of coming close to 40k firestorm lolol its back to gele rings. thanks for the info mr dif :* 40k firestorm is same DPS as an 16.7k fire bolt... No mage should be going for firestorm gear anyways. None of it was designed to be mained DPS gear and is only a gain as a hotswap. ...

Re: BT drops for fire mages

Difinitus wrote:For mages, Helms are available for Firebolt and Ice Shards. While the rings for Firestorm reduces CD and the rings for Firebolt is direct damage.

Ummm...there’s a bolt cdr ring. I use it.

Re: Feedback on The Adventurer mini event - Mabon player

We just finished the run of what I hope is the first of many adventures on Ros, and I found it a lot of fun. I’m not disappointed at all in any part of it, especially considering this is an individual player behind it, and not the devs. It was fun for fun’s sake, and it was great to see the enthusi...

Re: The call for help

Eragon123 wrote:
Froze wrote:“An old foe is on the brink of an evolution, an aggregate of power.”

It’s confirmed.

It’s Hagvar the Hairy.

Uh oh, Hagvar is gonna get even Hairier.

You must provide him a barber token.

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