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Re: Need help with mage

Be sure to use eboost rather than medidate. While it lasts a shorter amount of time, the ability to regen mana in combat is far better than sitting around while your mana returns.

Re: Some kind of new ice dps skill?

I have a fire/ice dps hybrid, with maxed firebolt, ice shards, firestorm at more than half (with a ring), and about 9 in incinerate. I use a fire lure (with a ring), but not an ice lure. The end result is that my dps skills all are around 500-1000 damage (ice shards being the highest) per cast at lv...

Re: Revenge new awake

johnrock wrote:
Xanadu wrote:John is just sucking up in the hope that some clan will take him despite his action discussed in the other thread.


Naw. Just find you ridiculous.

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