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Re: Warden Armor After Update

Thanks for getting back to me. That is very good to know. With that said, will the frags needed to get the other pieces of armor remain the same? Meaning, I still need four dragon frags, I believe... Idk, but my understanding is that it is the same. I have a frozen quest open and nothing has change...

Re: Warden Armor After Update

Before the update came out, I had been working on completing my Warden armor. I had already acquired the Lormantle gloves, skirt, and shoes. When I went to visit the Warden area after the update, I noticed that only Vinda the Warden had a yellow exclamation point over her head, while the rest did n...

Re: All bosses harder?

It actually makes more sense putting druids in battle mode when healing. If you're in a real war as support, would you be sitting back using meditate while your teammates are tanking? Nope. Lol. Except that it completely changes the game mechanics (apparently unintentionally), makes druids and supp...

Re: All bosses harder?

Looks like everyone will have to have a druid in tow to level. Shame really. Try three to four Druids for bosses or all the top end lux on 1-2. Druids were severely nerfed in this update. You can't regen energy thru meditate or sigils in boss fights now. Presumably, that also will apply to support ...

Re: Please fix when u go into battle mode it ruins pass rege

Up to now I haven't had any serious complaints but the new battle system ruins Druids. It also makes sigils nearly worthless. Here's what happened before. You are in a fight helping heal. You can stand back and help heal while regenerating using sigils/meditate. As long as you didn't go offensive y...

Re: New skill!

Greg77 wrote:Any new warrior skills?

I got a Shatter tome and glass ring. I'm not a warrior, so your guess is as good as mine as to what it does. From a random pirate. Arrrgghhh you curious what it does too?

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