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Re: The call for help

Stephone wrote:and what are the prizes or whatever it is

If you care about the prizes, you’re wasting your time. If you would like to engage in a witty and fun player-created event for a few laughs to break up the typical game experience, keep an eye out for him.

Re: BT drops for fire mages

NOOO!!!!! rip the dream of coming close to 40k firestorm lolol its back to gele rings. thanks for the info mr dif :* 40k firestorm is same DPS as an 16.7k fire bolt... No mage should be going for firestorm gear anyways. None of it was designed to be mained DPS gear and is only a gain as a hotswap. ...

Re: BT drops for fire mages

Difinitus wrote:For mages, Helms are available for Firebolt and Ice Shards. While the rings for Firestorm reduces CD and the rings for Firebolt is direct damage.

Ummm...there’s a bolt cdr ring. I use it.

Re: Feedback on The Adventurer mini event - Mabon player

We just finished the run of what I hope is the first of many adventures on Ros, and I found it a lot of fun. I’m not disappointed at all in any part of it, especially considering this is an individual player behind it, and not the devs. It was fun for fun’s sake, and it was great to see the enthusi...

Re: The call for help

Eragon123 wrote:
Froze wrote:“An old foe is on the brink of an evolution, an aggregate of power.”

It’s confirmed.

It’s Hagvar the Hairy.

Uh oh, Hagvar is gonna get even Hairier.

You must provide him a barber token.

Re: Global Auction House

There are giant sandbox, single world games. Plenty of them. A simple internet search makes it easy to find them. CH isn’t one of them. This idea introduces defunct items that have been removed from new servers but have legacy appearance on others, which is something OTM/VR have strongly avoided in ...

Re: Global Tavern

I have merged another topic regarding Global Castle because it evolved into the same type of discussion. We’ve been listening to what you have to say regarding our global zones (both Castle and Tavern), and we appreciate all the positive feedback as well as the constructive criticism. From the begi...

Re: Global Tavern

Zkills wrote:Might as well call it Global Cooking because the ovens are over crowded lol

You don’t have to be at an oven to cook. You can cook by talking to any cooking npc and asking them questions. I just checked at two of the three were entirely free.


grats but seeing that majestic tier not being removed from future bosses makes me uninstall the game. Why not make its loot table similar to BT's. https://media.tenor.com/images/924d3c6a4bc528a201649a0637b4fdec/tenor.gif Because this boss has an upgrade feature? then let's go back to necro tiers an...

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