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Re: The truth

He'll even Matt Sorry, don't know why that's so funny, but it is...wait, yes I do. -------------------------------------------------------------------- During this self giggle moment, here are a few of my tips for those in Gwydion and Celtic Heroes who have not been "hacked" as of today o...

Re: Best Rogue Stats?

Tricky gave some great advice, Drath has the outline of how a DPS rogue should have points spread out, but a player build more importantly should be centered around how you actually play the game, including how you train. Are you trying to solo a lot or do you like to team up with others to kill? Th...

Re: New skills in update ?

Would rather see some of the current skills get tweaked/improved/replaced and throw another 5-30 points (depending on level) at us instead of adding more skills that may or may not be useful. I feel like in retrospect the only reason I was able to get 13 skills in the first place was so I would be m...

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