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Re: Carnage without bosses

Prob the ones that drop brooms and flame armor Prefer a list I’m wasting hours camping Yaltag Daltag Scithan Fasgar Anmoch Slairig Witchfinder Ismebard Witchfinder General Hopkins Tarchon Sunspine These are the only ones that aren't spawning. Also, let's bring it back. I don't think Lady meant to n...

Re: Beta

Closed beta emails getting sent out today .-. Won't be any updates until that I don't think :lol: Hoping I'm one of the lucky ones to get invited :3 if not I'll have to bite my nails and wait for open beta :lol: Aight thanks for letting me know :D Won't be today, probably tomorrow, all hands on tes...

Re: Vindi fash drop rates.

I like the vindicator fashion for my warrior and rogue and really the last few fashion relases. None of it has helped me kill anything, but it is pretty good looking stuff.

Plus we are getting more badass fashion, how the hell can you really go wrong?


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