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Re: Alphonso or Similar Software

Does Celtic Heroes use Alphonso or similar software integrated into the app to collect audio data on customers? I’ve been keeping clean devices, but I’m troubled by the fact that many conversations I have while playing Celtic Heroes translate into targeted ads on my devices. I told you talking abou...

Re: Black friday double plat

I spent the last 5 years thinking that about everything in game and yet here we are, same old same old. Game could be massively popular but someone is apparently just happy with the status quo. The game makes just enough money to remain viable and that is all they require. The complete and blatant ...

Re: Black friday double plat

Not sure where this has come from, we don’t set what day Black Friday falls on. Sure plenty of things we can change but that isn’t one of them. Welcome to PM me for a chat if you want. Nah, private conversations will accomplish very little. It was my bad for sort of high jacking his statement about...

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