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Re: Hacking

there was a clanie of mine moize and friend smackdown and other friend ana7loo and i forgot others lol

Re: Hello arawn!

i could do 10 per tick health regen bracelet, health ring,and energy ring, grave wright charm, quartz boot ranger, for the golden blade ifvuvdecided tonmove tobrhianon instead of arawn

Re: Sellin

hi im selling 10 regen bracelet and 5 ring both health if u interested in buying

Re: Hacking

yes i do mean 5+ and i know these people and they dont want to buy my acc it is oviously someone else and i believe the same person because they all loged one after another and asked same thing


Selling a 5% carpet make 12k ono (SOLD) And a grave wright charm 15k ono. 10 tick health regen bracelet make offers. 5 tick health ring make offers


I think there must be some big time hacker playing round in rhianon cause many of my close friends have logged one after another and asked to buy my acc i know none of these friends would want to buy my acc and one even made lvl1 to tell me he had been hacked and quit game so something going on here...


hi just selling some stuff

1 stave of bolts 500g
1 apprentice mace of the grove (offer)
1 leaf farie charm 6.5k
1 minor wymfang bracelet
1 mystic bracelet of serpents

and some other stuff i forgot (LOL) :D

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