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selling a golden dagger of venom make: offers
golden eagle chieftain helm: offer
pumpkin helm: offer
pale wraith charm: offer
male farie charm :offer

some items accepted all serious offers considered :D


how much do people gold do people pay for pages im looking to get my enduring guard anyone know?

Re: wondering

ty blaze for good advise and thx for explaing why i think i might stay with my trident atm thx for help :D

Re: Best?

i would have to dissagre danu is kinnda bad if ur not in prime its realy hard to take any bosses they realy need some better ffa rules but as for rhiannon its awsome were home to the best clan in celtic heroes rapture eve and have a number of smaller clans that are also pretty good we have very stri...


which do u think is better golden trident or golden blade and wondering what element is best for fighting eyes :?:

Re: I Quit.

i dont think we met but still sad to see u go especialy if were falsly accused u would be welcome in our clan and we would give u a clean slate so no judgment :D
we would be happy to help u out :)

Re: Just clearing something up...

I won't quote myself, but if you read all of what I said you will understand. A rogue clannie should be dealt with. But again they are going to do what they want. If their clan leader will not deal with the problem, then label the clan. Once again, jumping to blaming the clan is ridiculous if the l...

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