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Re: New Animation

They should turn around bend over and shoot in between their legs... ok seriously if you care how you look during a fight, you have bigger problems to focus on.

Re: New realistic ranger skill.

I honestly do not see why this would be useful? We need a skill that will benefit the other weapons that we can use. They gave us spears, knucks, and bows yet we only have skills usable by bow (with exception of rapid shot on spear). We need a skill that is universal to all weapons such as a "q...

Re: How much?

Considering it is a stagment drop and can not be obtained again at this moment. It is up to the discretion of the person that owns it. Ive seen them go for as much as 300k to as low as 80k. It all depends on the situation the seller is in and how desperate he/she is to aquire money. Good luck on acq...

Re: Ranger patch or bust

My question is why give a Ranger class two skills that completely contradict each other? Entangle was created to have the mob hit you less, but we also have defensive spikes that is suppose to do damage to a mob every time they hit you. No one is going to use both of those together which basically r...

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