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Re: Target Lock

I did have target lock symbol until it disappeared then the rogue said he got it. And The name is Captain Blackstorm.

Once the targetlock symbol appears is it impossible to lose it or does it transfer to whoever comes along and does some measly amount of damage thats even level with it?

Target Lock

So i work on a 105 boss for about 10 minutes alone and get him down to about 25% health then a level 100 rogues comes up and hits it 2 times and the boss completely disappears from my screen and i cant cast any skills on him. My auto attack is off but i keep attacking even if i try to run away, I ha...

Re: Elite

First off, hello fellow people of mabon. As you all know I will be running for reelection in just a few weeks. This is not a time to make a good name for myself but it is a time to brag about what I have done for this country. Firstly, I erected the statue in honor of myself on top of a hill near sh...

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