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Re: Hello There!

Why you stopped when I said something and why you haven't looked at me?I was bugged and had 20 poxes.
By bug I mean i logg out when i was dead and when logged back was alive and bugged.

Re: Quivers

This isn't about the looks of a quiver :ugeek: It's about asking for advice on whether which quiver they should buy.I agree with green because there are many heat based mobs in the game and your best bet would be a ice quiver because of the heat resist :) When u get higher level and start lvl with ...

Re: Nicest person in the game

+1 toycat lugh , theres not many out there with a better knowledge of the game ,he also has the great ability of forgiving people for wrong doings in the past and giving people seconed chances,plus he runs the best clan on the game :)what more is there to say toycat all the way!! Yes,it is Toycat :...

Re: Quivers

Fire is best because mages mostly use fire lure,and about new quivers: If you are 100+, go for the Frozen Quiver of Beasts. It is the best overall quiver, like the Ice quiver. Basically an upgrade of it. Recommended to buy at level 100+ That's all, hope this helps! :) ~GreenHawk They don't have resi...

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