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Re: Regarding BT loot

If auras are group only they're perfect for everyone imo, if everyone's aura stacked on everyone, imagine if one aura was just 50 heat damage, but 20 of ur dps had it. That's 1000 dmg per hit added to over 20 ppl meaning over 20k dmg per hit, it's insane. Another solution would be to only let one au...

Re: Bt healing bug fixed

first legit attempt You made your clan look like a bunch of assholes going against epona and the games FIRST bt kill, you won’t be congratulated by many with what you think is right All Servers had the same issue with the Boss not healing on Rage when Epona killed. Arawn will kill but will be still...

Re: Bt healing bug fixed

We failed today at the same % ish, the ground pools killed us too much with the lag, got to 40% before 10 minutes nice try to you guys as well tho
Also we kept having cloak on boss when there were no vines up, wtf is up w that @Muldar

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