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Funsies :3

Well... At about 1 am CST... King Frostbelly spawned
A friend of mine (Ascrod) was the first to see it, and abruptly called Alyssandra (with me) to the scene.

Ended up dropping his big ol' sword to a certain Rogue
Sooo muuuuch aawwweesssomme :3

Re: Stella Quit. woooohhooooooooo

Okay.... Who are you?
Stella is actually playing again for one,
Two she is a great leader, even if people dont always agree with her
Three, you must be either jealous of her accomplishments, or an attention seeking nab.
(My money is on both)
And i cant wait to see how people react to this garbage

Bloodgrove Druid Batmask

Soo i spawned in for 10 seconds to see who was on, and i see a mob on the back of the druid pit.. I go up to it and attack it, cause ima rogue and thats what i do...(hit things). It turns out to be a Druid Batmask! I got a terrible blue str mask, but thats besides the point. Soo apparently even mobs...

Cruel Knife

Hiya! To everyone in Wardens or any other clan who now wants a Cruel Knife....

Mah bad :3

For starting the craze...

Re: Missing good players

I miss Fearthebeard, Fates, and Cubs. We were always Grouped together. I started a clan back then called Apotheosis, and after two days of being in existence was the Ninth strongest clan in Epona. The clan deteriorated after i (Anubis) had to quit for a while, and i never saw them log again.

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