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Re: Best BT Kill by Resurgence

Personally, I think Epona’s sub 10 minute kill is more impressive than Arawn’s sub 15. 9min / 70 toons vs 15min / 52 toons. You have to keep in mind that 52 single loggers have similar output compared to around 80 toons. The disparity becomes even more glaring at a raid like Bloodthorn where there ...

Re: T8 offhands skills

Asking to have the team review the offhands since there's been quite a bit of feedback and description bugs. Ty. While at it make the druid and warrior offhands more proper, fix the rogue offhand glitch and generally I think its just best if VR told us what all skills do at t8, 9 and 10. A post I m...

Re: Fastest Bt kill

It was like 76 people, our biggest turnout ever for some reason on a Monday night (us time)..We kill both roots rather than tanking one so i think it's still pretty cool even though the numbers were huge
17 under 220

Re: Bloodthorn Feedback

+1 Yes, I know that. How much health does full dg rogues normally run at BT on over servers? I’m already at 500 vitality so I mean I’ve already rebirthed a good deal to get a decent amount of health...what VR really needs to do is add more armour and chaos resists to DG like we’ve begged Otm to do....

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