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Re: Auto Level Up

The auto level feature creates builds based on toons with minimum to no plat, basically aimed at newer players that don't understand the point system that will need focus even if they're melee etc. It's not meant for vet players to create the optimal build with

Re: Which servers have BT helms

Wait a second. Are you telling me that Bloodthorn drops Energy Boost recast rings? What kind of dumb joke is this? E harvest too. We asked for them to be removed in beta and the reply was that they were open to adding more skills but refused to take any away We have 2 of these amazing dust collecto...

Re: Which servers have BT helms

4 kills on belenus and no helms. 5 recast rings which are ice blast, lightheal, lifesteal, double shot, and energy boost (all royal). 4 charms which are longshot, quickstrike, and two shadowstrike charms (one is imperial)... rest are royal ammys which we have 7 of, and out of those 7 only one is ca...

Re: Best BT Kill by Resurgence

Personally, I think Epona’s sub 10 minute kill is more impressive than Arawn’s sub 15. 9min / 70 toons vs 15min / 52 toons. You have to keep in mind that 52 single loggers have similar output compared to around 80 toons. The disparity becomes even more glaring at a raid like Bloodthorn where there ...

Re: T8 offhands skills

Asking to have the team review the offhands since there's been quite a bit of feedback and description bugs. Ty. While at it make the druid and warrior offhands more proper, fix the rogue offhand glitch and generally I think its just best if VR told us what all skills do at t8, 9 and 10. A post I m...

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