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Re: Nobody needs a Mage

Papi - I get why it make u mad. I've had the same a few times, im a lvl 119 mage and regularly fight in groups where there are warriors of say lvl 124 - 128. most times i can out-dps them and the message comes up at the end ''you killed a ...... '' and they change their tune pretty quick keep on doi...

Re: Why mages are mad.

I have read through all of the post on this topic. It seems there is one main problem that mages have: Energy Each peice of FROZEN armour should come with a bonus to energy regen. eg. Frozen Gloves +1 energy regen Frozen Boots +2 energy regen Frozen Cowl +3 energy regen Frozen Skirt +4 energy regen ...

Re: Why mages are mad.

Some possible solutions: - Frozen mage armour gives 2 energy regen per peice per click - least a reason to go for it - since mage armour is so light, they should be able to move a bit quicker (since heroic boots r useless cuz they cant afford to lose any more amour) - Metoeric wand gives 10% faster ...

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