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Chops Epic Riddle #8 (difficulty 3)

Real easy one guys so be quick to score yourself 3 points!!! To solve this riddle you must guess my name i AM a prince, but not in game named after my ancestor Who was a rock, that could spark a flame Scores Istael: 3 (darions letter) DiabloxX: 4 (Hagvar the Hairy) Eiji: 2.5 (autumn leaf dryad) Armo...

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

weelllll, where do I even start? I started a druid on crom in 2012 aka killer11 back when the game was fun, I have sold that druid when he was lvl 80 cos I lost interest of playing the game. after that I opened pudellover975 in 2013. lvled him up to 174 even tho I had bad reputation from killer11, ...

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